Balloon Fest Parking and Tips

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Do you ever worry about getting that perfect balloon fest parking spot? At the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival, every parking spot is that perfect spot. You have the convince of a shuttle from each designated parking lot to the event. … Continued

Ogden Valley Balloon Festival 2017

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 Ogden Valley Balloon Festival 2017 Press Release Balloon Festival Offers Arts, Crafts, Entertainment, Local Food, and Fun! The Ogden Valley Balloon Festival in Eden is scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 18th, 19th, and 20th. The Balloon Festival is … Continued

2016 Photo Contest Winner

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WE HAVE A WINNER! Ryan Moyer’s “Balloonset.”   THANK YOU to EVERYONE who submitted their great work this year to the PHOTO CONTEST! 2016 Photo Contest Winner Congratulations, Ryan Moyer!

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