Ogden Valley Balloon & Artist Festival

August 16 – 18,  2019

New for 2019!

PLEASE:  NO DOGS and NO DRONES allowed at this event. 
Thank you for your cooperation.

We are introducing the acceptance of cryptocurrency and welcoming the Utah Bitcoin and Blockchain Community to the event, where there will be a series of speakers and educational workshops!  For more information, check out the Digital Merchant Symposium!


Digital Merchant Symposium

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at the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival!


Bridging the gap between the local community and virtual world!

This year the festival will team up with Michelle Robinson of the Bitcoin and Blockchain community to host the first experimental social event with an objective to educate the community on real life application of the up and rapidly coming digital currency technology.  This event will feature a full day informative symposium on Friday to educate attendees on the apps currently available. Thereafter, Saturday will continue education throughout the day while featuring vendor booths for the festival attendees to interact with, and transact with these apps.


Workshops, Not Keynotes

New technology can be incredibly complicated to understand. We want our community to be educated. The workshops held here will  need to be carefully crafted for the general public to understand.


Real World Tech Applications Booths

An artisan festival is nothing new. The alternative currency implementation is  designed to be completely adaptable and useful during the event. Please showcase your booth to fulfill this model.


Vendors Accepting Pre-implemented Transaction Options

Vendors at this festival who agree to hop onboard this experimental event will undergo an educational on-boarding process prior to the event.  These participating vendors will be on a preferred vendor list. 

Kala Wallet

This year, Kala Wallet will be sponsoring vendors and attendees to accept KalaCoin cryptocurrency as payment during the event!

For more information on Kala!

Vendors and Attendees! Get your FREE KalaCoin here

The Balloon Fest Kala coupon is save 50% off a water bottle with a Kala coupon (purchase for $3.00 cash, regular price is $6.00) and receive free water refills of purified alkaline water during the event.

Here are the easy steps create a Kala wallet, receive 50 Kala coins for free and purchase Kala coupon’s.


    1. Sign in and register https://wallet.kalacoin.io/register 
    2. Enter this voucher code 84vyw – This voucher code is unique to OVBF and will automatically give the user 50 Kala when they sign up.  
  1. To Purchase Your Kala Deal (Customer)
  2. English: https://youtu.be/o84iTDSvreQ
  3. Spanish: https://youtu.be/sd_PxFSCs1o
  4. How To Redeem Your Kala Deal: (Customer)
  5. English: https://youtu.be/B6sRjnxMcLI
  6. Spanish: https://youtu.be/sSJZVi2HQ_E


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