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    • Laura Shaw

      My vote is for jardin d’agrément (pleasure garden)

  1. Littlewingflys

    Most of my post we’re take from my cell phone , as things would have it the first song I heard heading to this wonderful event . Was the fifth dimension up up and away in my beautiful balloon knows that coincidence or just meant to be !

  2. BalloonsAbove

    I vote for “Learning to Fly” in black & white.

  3. Nadine Stephens

    #24 Serenity is the most special one Thank you.

  4. Andy Gay

    I love #15 , I didn’t see a name under the photo but that’s it #15

  5. Littlewingflys

    Well after looking at all 51 photos , I appreciate all the submissions . But 51 is by far the best , it’s just to everything present this festival stands for so that’s my vote.

  6. Vernon Warner

    I vote for photo number 1 Balloon Sunrise (Sunruse) home landing.

  7. Mia

    #40 Hot Summer Nights. Good luck to all participants. Great work submitted.

  8. joann jaramillo

    I vote for hot summer night. It really rocks with energy, human sweat & brilliant color which make the flights soar to the heavens above!

  9. Homer

    My vote is for #62 Flow Glow, love how all the ballons are light up at once.

  10. Candace Stewart

    #24 Serenity gets my vote for best of show. The composition has it!

  11. Becky Shaughnessy

    Full flow is amazing! Makes me feel like I’m there

  12. Marsha

    #40 “Hot Summer Night” Captures the vibrant colors of the balloons, the night & the light from under the balloons, catches the look of awe in everyone’s faces. I feel like I’m right there…..Breath taking!

  13. Melody Toolson

    12 Under the Colors makes me feel like I’m standing right amongst the balloons. This is my choice!

  14. Tiffany dabb

    I love colorful canopy and under the colors. They are both beautiful and make me feel like Im there at the festival myself.

  15. mikaela

    I love for #12 Under the Colors and #13 Colorful Canopy!

  16. Shawna

    I vote for Serenity.
    (shout out to whoever took “Getting fired up”… that’s me in the pic! lol )

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