Balloon Fest Parking and Tips

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Balloon Fest Parking Map

Do you ever worry about getting that perfect balloon fest parking spot? At the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival, every parking spot is that perfect spot. You have the convince of a shuttle from each designated parking lot to the event. A big thanks to Powder Mountain for sponsoring the shuttles.

The parking lots will be located at Snowcrest Junior High, the Powder Mountain shuttle stop, and the Valley Elementary. Parking on the streets will not be permitted.

Festival attendees will also have the option to park closer to the event in a lot on the North side of 2200, West of Eden Park. Parking passes are available for $10 dollars for a half day. There is a limited number of these passes available, so order your parking pass now here (paid parking no longer available).

Here are a few helpful TIPS on attending the Event.

  • Arrive early, if you arrive before 6:30 am you will have the opportunity to see the pilots preparing their balloons for the morning launch.
  • Bring cash. Many of the vendors do not accept credit cards. There are two ATM’s on the way, at Wells Fargo, just before the four way stop in Eden, and at Zions bank at the Valley Market.
  • Dress in layers. The morning is crisp, but once the sun comes out the temperatures will rise.
  • Remember to bring sunglasses. It can be easy to forget them in the morning when the sun isn’t all the way up, but once it’s out you will want them.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen, Chapstick, and bug repellent.
  • Jump into the action! Many of the balloonists will need help, if you are interested, speak up.
  • Buy yourself a balloon ride here! It will be worth the price.
  • Have fun!


No dogs, no coolers or glass containers.  

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