The following Balloon Festival Tips will help you to enjoy your visit.
Please, no dogs, coolers or glass containers.
NOTE: Balloons only fly in calm air.

  1. Arrive early. Very early. This is an early morning sport. If you arrive before 6:30, you will get to watch the balloon pilots set up and maybe even help!
  2. If your diet allows for it, caffeinate! You can stop at Eden Coffee and Cocoa at the big four-way stop in Eden (the little Java Hut on the east side of the Valley Market grocery store) or get coffee and cocoa right on the field.
  3. Cardinal Rule Number One: NEVER smoke on the field. Propane tanks and lighting up definitely do not mix!
  4. Watch your feet. Balloonists are thrilled to have you watching, or even helping, as they inflate their balloons, but your shoes on the delicate fabric of the envelope can easily cause damage.
  5. Bring Cash. Many of the vendors do not accept credit cards, so keep this in mind. There are two ATM’s on the way to the site: Wells Fargo, just before the four-way stop in Eden, and Zions Bank ATM at the Valley Market (just north of the four-way stop) between the market and Java the Hut a.k.a. Eden Coffee and Cocoa.
  6. Dress in layers. The mornings are crisp, sometimes even cold, but once the sun comes up, the dry air begins to heat quickly and you’ll be glad to be able to peel off a jacket or a sweatshirt. Carry a small backpack to accommodate the layers.
  7. Don’t forget your sunglasses. When you’re heading to the field at 5:30 a.m. it’s easy to leave them behind, but once the sun rises, you’ll be missing them if they’re at home or in your hotel room.
  8. Don’t forget sunscreen, chapstick and bug repellent – especially if you have kids in tow.
  9. IMG_1152-25Jump into the action. Many balloonists need extra hands during the inflation process. If you want to help, speak up! They’ll put you to work holding the envelope or weighting the gondola before lift off. (If you plan on helping, bring a pair of gloves!)
  10. BUY YOURSELF A RIDE! The experience will be worth the price.
  11. If you have a digital camera, be sure the battery is charged, and if you’re shooting a regular camera, make sure you have plenty of film.
  12. After the balloons have launched, which will generally be by 8 a.m., enjoy a full breakfast and donate to a worthy charity.
  13. Have fun!

No dogs, coolers or glass containers.