Balloon Launches and Kids 2017

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Is there any better way to start your morning than watching as hot air balloons ascend into the crisp morning sky? To get the full experience, festival attendees will want to arrive to the park by 7 am to watch as the pilots and their crews prepare their balloons for their morning launch. There is nothing like watching a hot air balloon be inflated under the country sunrise.

Due to cool morning temperatures, attendees will want to bring a light jacket to the morning launch.

Ogden Valley Balloon Fest Launch

The Ogden Valley Balloon & Artist Festival, August 18 – 20th,  2017, will have engaging and educational activities for kids of all ages. Both Friday 4pm-10pm, and Saturday 7am-10pm, the kids will have the opportunity to learn a little more about the anatomy of a human heart through engaging play.

Ogden Valley Balloon Fest Kids

It may look like an oddly-shaped jump house but it’s really a larger than life model of a human heart. The MEGA Heart is an inflated, walk through exhibit that provides a highly interactive educational experience. Huge heart valves and coronary arteries help people to understand how the heart works and blood flows. Examples of various heart diseases show how they impact the heart and the exhibit showcases some of the latest medical cardiovascular treatments.

The 13 feet high by 15 feet wide by 26 feet long MEGA Heart was created to help people better retain vital information about heart functions and encourage them to improve their health. Balloon festival attendees are invited to have fun while experiencing how a heart works- in a really big way, courtesy of Ogden Regional Medical Center.  Read more about the MEGA Heart here.

Saturday 6pm-8pm YMCA will be hosting a children’s craft project. The kids can take their craft projects home and keep the memory from the fun time they had at the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival.

Do your kids have a love for animals? The Ogden Nature Center is bringing in an assortment of owls and reptiles on Saturday. They will be doing a presentation from 8am-noon. It’s a must see for all animal lovers.

Mountain Arts and Music will be hosting an all-day art project on Saturday August 19th for all ages. There will also be an open art setting for any attendees who wish to tap into their creative side.

Mountain Arts and Music will also be providing acoustic music during the morning launches Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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