Festival Philanthropic Endeavors

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The Ogden Valley Balloon Festival, August 18th, 19th and 20th, 2017, gives back to the community by supporting the Ogden Rescue Mission and Mountain Arts and Music.

The Ogden Rescue Mission will be serving an all you can eat Breakfast Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to 10 am. They will serve sausage gravy with biscuits, pancakes, their famous chili egg puff, hash browns, scrambled eggs, and ham hash. Festival attendees will have the choice of coffee or orange juice to go with their meal.

The Ogden Rescue Mission started serving breakfast at the Balloon Festival when it first started back in 1994, before taking a five-year break, and have been back at the festival for the last two years.

Ogden Rescue Mission, Balloon Festival BeneficiaryThe Ogden Rescue Mission opens their doors for anybody in need of food and shelter, and has both men and women residents. The shelter offers breakfast and dinner to transients as well as people who are participating in programs within their facility. Not only do they provide meals for people at their facility, but they also send food boxes home for families in need.

The Ogden Rescue Mission has a drug and alcohol rehab program to help people who struggle with abuse. They ask for a one-year commitment to the program to help a person recover fully, and after ten months in the program, a person can start seeking employment opportunities.

“The Balloon Festival is a critical thing for us. Funding is down during these months, so this opportunity is a real boost for us. We appreciate the opportunity to participate at the Balloon Festival. A lot of times there is a booth fee but they don’t do that with us,” Judy Dowd, the Executive Director of the Ogden Rescue Mission, informed us. Since the Mission offers chapel services as well as bible studies, they are prevented from receiving any government funding.

All proceeds from the breakfast benefit the Ogden Rescue Mission in honor of Gary Dowd, who ran the breakfast at the balloon festival in prior years. Come out, support, and enjoy the amazing breakfast prepared by the Ogden Rescue Mission!

Mountain Arts and Music, Balloon Fest BeneficiaryThe Ogden Valley Balloon Festival is also incorporating Mountain Arts and Music into the festival this year. Mountain Arts and Music is a non-profit organization, where they strive to support the creative arts within the Ogden Valley, providing opportunities for people to create art and perform.

By supporting the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival, you are supporting our festival philanthropic endeavors, The Ogden Rescue Mission and Mountain Arts and Music.

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