IMG_1185-27Just imagine – a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Ogden Valley!  Floating, calm, quiet, peaceful.  Catching the sun coming up over the mountains, or, watching the sunset over Ben Lomond Peak and the North Ogden Divide.  Ogden Valley balloon flights are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary of important date with your loved ones.

Balloon flights are available as part of your sponsorship during the morning and occasionally the evening in exceptionally calm weather.

  • $520.00 Per Couple (Fri. or Sat.  Morning)

  • $1,000.00 Per Couple (both Mornings)

Commonly Asked Questions:

Where do I go to purchase a sponsorship?

Please to request a sponsorship. The number of sponsorships is limited, and pre-payment/booking is required at least 48 hours prior to the launch. All flights are in the morning.  Sponsorships should be requested by August 10, 2019. If space is available, a staff member will contact you and request your payment information and confirm your flight information.

If you own a business, you have the option to attach a 36 X 36 inch grommeted banner on the balloon’s basket advertising your business (you must provide the banner).

On the day of the flight, your sponsorship must be paid for and the liability release form executed prior to 7 a.m.  You will be assigned to a pilot, and he or she will come to a portable PA system at the launch field and escort you to their balloon.  Save time by bringing your signed Hot Air Balloon Flight Agreement.   

Once I purchase my sponsorship, where do I go to secure my flight?

Your flight will have been assigned to a pilot in advance. Your pilot will come to a portable PA system at the launch field and escort you to their balloon. Please bring a signed Hot Air Balloon Flight Agreement.   


When is the best time to fly?

The mornings are typically very calm so there’s a very good chance you’ll get to fly. The evenings can be a little more risky in our mountain climate, as the wind can pick up and prevent the crafts from flying.  We don’t accept prepayment for evening flights. If the weather is such that evening flights are available, an announcement will be made at the field.

How should I dress?

Dress in layers and wear enclosed shoes. Comfortable pants are best as it’s somewhat cumbersome climbing into the basket – definitely not a fun exercise in a mini-skirt or very short shorts! While it is often very chilly in the mornings, the heat from the propane that’s used to fill the balloon is quite warm. Don’t forget your camera or your sunglasses!!!

How long is the flight?

Generally, flights are about 40 minutes, weather depending.

How many people can fly in the same balloon?

Most balloons can only carry two passengers in addition to the pilot, based on weight. If more than two of you want to fly, it’s very fun to watch each other and take pictures from balloon to balloon.

Can I carry an infant or small child in my arms?

This is generally not advised, but it might be allowed at the pilot’s discretion.

Where will we land?

That all depends on the weather.  Most commonly, you will land in a field. A “chase” vehicle will follow your balloon’s flight so they can come help the craft land and drive you back to the Festival Field.  Occasionally, a really skilled pilot can land you back at the launch site, but this is a rarity.

What is a hop?

This is when a pilot will land and switch out passengers so he can take more people for flights. This is only possible if the weather is very calm.